Wedding Vision is a leading company in creating exceptional Wedding and Baptism cinematography in Greece.

At Wedding Vision, our mission is to immortalize your happiest moments on your most joyous day, whether it is your wedding or your child’s baptism by capturing them on film in a way that it tells your story.

Through our many years of experience in the field of wedding and baptism cinematography in Greece, Wedding Vision has travelled to almost every corner of the country. From traditional wedding celebrations in remote, picturesque villages to more boho-chic ceremonies on the beach, Wedding Vision brings out the uniqueness of your special day in a way that it fully reflects the joy that you experienced, surrounded by your loved ones.

What sets us apart from the rest?

We know that people are at their most beautiful when they are unaware they are being watched. It is then when they are their truest self and their emotions are written all over their face, heard in the tone of their voice and seen in the gaze their eyes hold.

And this is what we aspire to convey in our cinematography; the essence of emotional responses. It is not just about the frames. We don’t just capture images. We capture feelings and thoughts. We observe off camera and we add our imagination while filming, resulting in shots and reels that are emotive, timeless, artistic and inspired.

Wedding Vision

Wedding Vision


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