Wedding Vision, is an audiovisual production company that specializes in filming and photographing weddings and baptisms in Greece. An integral part of Art Vision, a company with extensive presence in the field of television, Wedding Vision’s services cover around the entire country. The knowledge, experience, modern technical equipment, and cooperation with famous foreign filmmakers have made us experts in the field, resulting in inspired movies that are packed with emotive, imaginative and artistic texture shots.

Our wedding cinematography escapes from the narrow limits; it highlights and transforms images into fragmentary stories of art. A member of major international groups of cinematographers, Wedding Vision substantially contributes to the developments of the sector. Our work represents a most contemporary way of covering social events and special occasions, presenting films of the highest quality, through a timeless, aesthetic perspective.

We actively participate in seminars pertaining to cinematography and its relevant technologies on a frequent basis, with the aim of constantly improving our services and for staying up to date with the latest trends.

Behind the scenes

Dinos Kapetanos – Meet the man behind the vision.

It all began when Dinos was a boy, at the tender age of 12. His interest in photography turned into a passion from his very first job. After receiving his first ever camera, he booked his first professional job, with his father as his most fervent supporter.

His desire to turn people’s special moments into the happiest of memories became a drive, despite his young age. Few would have thought that a young boy’s dream could become a waking reality, unless of course for this father who always trusted in his son’s vision to succeed in whatever he put his mind into. Dino’s mentality toward his clients was simple and honest: if you are not happy with the result, you don’t pay for the work. Since then, Dinos has grown up alongside his camera. He spent countless hours capturing people, stills and interesting frames, which also led to a number of reportages, live links and TV broadcasting that entailed many hours of editing. It was these opportunities that sculpted his own personal journey, strengthening his flimmaker’s eye.

He sees life on film, in a series of endless images, that have palpable rhythm and a continuity of moments that should not go unnoticed. Now in his 30’s, he has chosen to capture a specific aspect of life; the brighter moments, the cheerful ones that are the epitome of human happiness, where emotion comes from a good place and joyous feelings are contagious. And this is exactly what his movies convey, with an artistic and very personal, approach to creating films that capture the senses.

His work so far has gained the interest and acceptance of very important foreign filmmakers, adding to his story with every shot he captures.



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