Our baptism videos are about glorifying the bliss that is felt when a child is baptised, bestowing upon it a myriad of blessings. A child’s christening brings immense joy to the community while it makes parents proud to officially hear their child’s name being called out.


Fotios-Alexandros was baptised in Cyprus and while he was slightly nonchalant about the entire experience, we can’t say the same for all his adult guests who enjoyed themselves to the brim.


How can such a tiny person steal your heart right away? This was the case of darling Anastasia at her wonderful christening in Kilkis that became a fun event for all the guests. 

Baptism in Drama

This moving baptism in Drama was quite sentimental, filled with good vibes and looks of innocence, wonderment, love and excitement for a little boy who can’t wait to discover the world.


Despoina’s journey is bound to be an amazing one and may her life be wreathed with pink petals and unicorns because she is the most precious possession to those who cherish her.


A princess in the making, Anna Katerina was the star of the show. And although tears are to be expected in any baptism, we wish that her future tears are only those of joy.


At Sophia’s christening we learned that while parents hold their childrens’ hands only for a short period of their lives, they will hold a dear place in their hearts forever.