Our wedding videos are about amplifying the radiance of a wedding romance, when two people decide to take the plunge into an unknown future together as they join their lives with the sanctity of matrimony, declaring their love to the entire world. .

Maria & Giannis

The newly weds, Maria & Giannis, got to experience their dream wedding in Crete after the magical holiday season of Christmas & New Year’s, showering their happiness with even more sparkle.

Stefanos & Iliana

For Stefanos & Iliana’s traditional wedding in Crete, the couple chose an avant-garde approach where contemporary life & old customs become one, creating memories that bridge generations.

Nicoletta & Argiris

The happy couple, Nicoletta & Argiris, sealed their union with wishes under the stars of a Greek summer sky. They will never look at those stars the same way again.

Christina & Kyriakos

Through thick and thin, together we will face anything that comes our way. It was the ultimate summer’s day dream of a wedding for the Christina & Kyriakos in Igoumenitsa.

Kalliopi & Charalampos

Kalliopi & Charalampos’ wedding in Drama was simply elegant and greatly moving. One thing is for sure, for better or for worse, these two are bound to pull through.

Maria & Trifonas

Bridging the gap between tradition and modernity, between folklore and urban legend, we witnessed Maria & Trifonas’ wedding at a unique setting in the Lake of Kastoria.

Tasos & Liza

When Tasos & Liza met in a small Pontiac village, time stopped for a while until they found their common purpose and began their journey together, now as husband and wife.

Maria & Antonis

Incredible wedding extraordinaire for Maria & Antonis; an elegantly radiant bride, a handsome yet anxious groom and then there were two as one, forever and ever.

Eleftheria & Dimitris

With the immaculate light of Chalkidiki gracing every moment of Eleftheria & Dimitris’ wedding, their marital union was definitely one that was divinely blessed.

Wedding Vision’s 2011 Collection of wedding moments

Wedding Vision’s 2011 Showreel showcasing a collection of wedding moments that reveal how we go about filming your dreams and the details we pay attention to, behind the scenes.

Eleftheria & Tasos

In the face of “together forever”, Eleftheria & Tasos’ wedding was characterised by a sense of humility and respect, ready more than ever to write the first chapter in the book of their married life.

Maria and Kostas

It was a chilly December night in Serres, just before Christmas but nothing warmed our hearts more than witnessing Maria and Kostas joining the rest of their lives together.